Coach Eeva Jaakonmäki

Eeva as a coach

As a coach I am honest and straightforward and I am not afraid of lifting the cat on the table. Coaching sessions are not only comfortable chatting but I will challenge your thinking. I wish that all my clients are ready for the change/self-development and willing to work for it.

I am a board member of the Finnish Coaching Association (SCY) and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). In my work I follow the ethical guidelines of ICF and continuous professional development is important for me. My working languages are Finnish and English.

In my work I enjoy seeing people flourish. New insights replace old thinking models and life will start an upward spiral. There is more energy. It is great to be able to witness such a change.

My background

My background is in legal. As a young lawyer I first lived five years in Brussels, where I did a master’s in international law and then worked in EU institutions. After Brussels I moved to Warsaw, and worked as a lawyer for three years. After returning to Finland I worked at KPMG, in a law firm and as a lawyer at Sonera, the local teleoperator.

In 2008 we moved on my husband’s work assignment to Johannesburg and then later to CT, near New York City. We had two small kids and I was a stay-at-home mom. During this time I got distance to everyday working life and I started to ask myself big questions like “What do I want from my life? And “What is meaningful for me?”.  I had a friend in Singapore who needed some training clients for his coaching studies and after starting the coaching process with him, I took big steps in many things I had only been contemplating in my mind until then. I was impressed by the power of coaching!

The following summer I decided to start coaching studies and I chose New York University Coaching Certificate. Coaching based on contemporary neuroscience and positive psychology hooked me. I found an area that is extremely interesting and most importantly (for a skeptic lawyer) – is based on scientific hard facts and research. I found a new path to follow.

After moving back to Finland I have continued coaching clients and deepened my coaching studies. In May 2012 I completed a brain based coach certification programme with Results Coaches. I also studied applied positive psychology, mindfulness and neuro- and cognitive psychology. My passion towards this field is growing!


Contact me, and we will find out how I could support you in your story!